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When Joseph Pradel was two years old his mom moved to Anguilla where he grew up. Joseph was born on the 27th Of November, 1972 to a French Dad and an Anguillan Mom. He attend the Road Primary school where he began singing in the School choir at a tender age and continue to sing as an adult.

As Joseph Pradel grew he became interested in fitness and started to workout as a teenager. He ran in school as a distance runner but hurt his back because he was not properly trained. Now that he’s older he wants to help people so that the same would not Happen to them, He started training him self in fitness and became very good at it . In 1998 he joined the spa team at Malliouhana where he directed the fitness and also did massages for ten years. He resigned in 2008 so that he can pursue is dream in becoming a certified Fitness Trainer and Massage Therapist at the National Personal Training Institute in Orlando Florida.

La Severine Total Fitness has been around for a while. Joseph stared this business and named it after is oldest daughter. Joe was able to run it part-time and on his day off. Upon his return from college he decided to do it full time. Now he had a place of his own in West End at Bendy’s Plaza. Joseph has high end clientele as Dian Noris and Sandra Wallace just to name a few. He has trained Mr Anguilla Darren Gumbs 2002, 2003 who went on to win the junior world championship. He also trained Miss Anguilla Body Fitness Alponsene Williams and Delvicia MC Donna, Current Miss Anguilla Body Fitness. Joe has also trained numerous Miss Anguilla Queen Pageant contestant who went on to win the show. Because of his keen eyes he has discover many champions.

Joseph is a fun loving guy who loves people. His goal is to encourage young and old to pursue their fitness goal. He wants Anguilla to become a fit nation.

Being the educator and team player that he is Joseph added an all star cast to his team. Nigel “Coach Lints” Linton holds a BSc in Physical Education and Sports. Aaron Richardson; a budding fitness guru and the highly requested Salima Tulsie. Salima is not only an exceptional Therapist but a success story within herself. As she recounts “I was in the darkest place of my life that I could have been and Joseph and his talent of massage was the light at the end of my tunnel. Of course it was difficult at first but being the determined person I am, I pulled through and now I think of myself as one of the best massage therapist on the island thanks to Joseph. Having learnt the arts and techniques of massage, I grew closer and closer to the LSF family. It has been my foundation and my rock to hold on to in the storms”.